"I’d always been told freedom would never come
for Puerto Rico. There wasn’t the climate for it.
            I ask the farmer about the strawberries. Son silvestres,
            he responds, and points to their beautiful excess."

                 -"Strawberries", nominated for Best New Poets 2019

"I must confess, I am addicted to Latin American and Caribbean writing, which is often at once political and personal, as it is rich and satisfying, as Ana Portnoy Brimmer’s “Backyard Burial“ is. Caribbean writing is excitingly alive. What I also like about this folio is that it presents work from Caribbean nationals in the Diaspora, as well as in their Caribbean spaces, confirming that although away from home, Caribbean ‘creatives’ replicate home, heritage and traditions through their art, thus adding to the cultural pot they live in."

         -Ann-Margaret Lim on Anomaly's Caribbean Folio

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