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"10 New Poetry Collections by Latinx and Caribbean Writers", by Angela María Spring, Electric Lit, December 16, 2022

"'La Treintena 2022': 30+ Books of Latinx Poetry", by Urayoán Noel, The Latinx Project, April 29, 2022
"Poetry in a Time of Crisis", NGC Bocas Lit Fest, April 29, 2022

"Discovery Poetry Contest Winners’ Reading — 2020 and 2021", The 92 Street Y, New York,  June 30, 2022

"Poetry for the Rest of Us 2022", by Karla J. Strand, Ms. Magazine, April 20, 2022

"TRANSMISSIONS FROM LA ISLA: Two New Books by Puerto Rican Poets", by Vincent Toro, Acentos Review, April 2022

"Ana Portnoy Brimmer on Nazim Hikmet's 'On Living'", First Loves, Remembered: Poetry Society of America, February 2022

"A Freeing Space: Our Seventeenth Annual Look at Debut Poets", Poets & Writers, January/February 2022

"Bios and Bookmarks - Ana Portnoy Brimmer", interview by Andre Bagoo, Bocas Literary Festival

“'Portrait of a Diasporican Friend'” – Ana Portnoy Brimmer", by Shivanee Ramlochan, Novel Niche

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